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If I remember rightly four of Dr. Woodhouse s cases were over

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in foreigners or those who have resided abroad and being

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and I propose to inquire into it. Have you been foolish

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McMuUen Queen s College. Bellust J. Jl ithewson Queen s College

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has been surgical registrar for several years has he ever seen it in

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In Peter de Rupibus Bishop of Winchester built the Hospital of

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residence. Applications to Dr. McDowall Northumberland County

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The following table shows the number of women confined

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Dr. F. Warner as Secretary of the Committee appointed at the

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objections may perhaps be made to this classification as some of the

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situate on a slightly elevated site about a mile from the centre of

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been Vice President of the National Board of Health. He

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have sustained in the death of their former President Dr. Wil

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of the work of the Committee Trill be presented separately.

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two died from marasmus caused by the operation and three were