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cases as . a rule falling to the lot of any one operator. Ingals, of

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jections of hot water, or hypodermics of morphine. E-

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was constipation. She was sent to me by her physician,

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cure will succeed, even in advanced cases, if attention

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general, is particularly applicable to diseases of the

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composition, but in its effects, and it does not and can-

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woman, set. 21 years, was affected with epileptiform

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ulation predominates. It would appear as if the gen-

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with paraplegia of doubtful origin towards the fourth

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point for exploratory trephining being one that will

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other conditions that may demand operative interfer-

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more superficial layers. The disappearance of papillae is probably

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iff's husband was caused by his intoxication, arising in

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for sample of Horsford's Acid Phosphate, if you are not

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The Dread of Death. — Sir Lyon Playfair in a letter

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glands; and with this objtct in view, as well as that of

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cm. above the internal condyle of the right humerus. Not very

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Case 21. — The, child in the next bed to the patient last

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ani — and that it powerfully stimulates this muscle any

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these submarine fountains is thought to be in the green

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Mann.' Memphis Medical Monthly, July, 1909, p. 348.

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granules present are, in some cases at least, living functional ma-

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have advocated for that disease a very similar pathol-

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they are voluminous, even though the affected organs

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necessarily give rise to symptoms, the patients in many instances

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ranees to success as are the massive doses currently em-

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fore a court of law as an expert, he is forced to respond

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phonal administered at an interval of one and a quarter

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degree of hyperplasia. The absence of iodin, relative or absolute,

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cepting these as the basis of practical measures for ar-

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posus, and exposed a dark-purple cyst, traversed by

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inch apart, and an abundance of vaccine matter being

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teilung" or conitomy, for in^.the tumor^ cell tha cytoplasm does not necessarily

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tance of ten feet, the bullet entering between the fourth

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March 22, right side of face much swollen, eye closed

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employes of the Health Department. And in this con-

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got smaller and induration in perineum increased, but

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he says that the results of inoculation [had been nega-

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