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sion. The other work of the Parliamentary Bills Committee

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registered in the eight principal Sotch towns. The annual rate of mortality.

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employers and operatives. The Cotton Factories Bill which aims

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Retention days before admission for which urine was drawn off since which

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that every case of focal lesion apparently due to a tumour which

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The lungs were very bulky their surfaces were thickly

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increased in quantity but actually richer in quality than in

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Twenty four cases of chorea were treated some of these were

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sistent quiet intrepidity of thought that leaves a i Ieasant flavour

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Therapeutics. This course embraces the physiological actions of the

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estate of a deceased patient asked Do you wish to have

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or coffee or half a teaspoonful of aromatic spirits of

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previously. In this case the victim s skull had been beaten in

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apply in that case for no amount of drinking would ever

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cation of this paper. In studying the results of trephining in

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arsenic and iron in one form or another with suitable

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and discussions made it successful. Visitors remarked that

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stations arranged systematically. Although the character of such

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his feelings when he heard a Gregorian chant was to lie

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In both abdominal section. Small intestine close to ileum strangu

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structed at a cost of. Isolation rooms and improved ac

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Board of Super ision became the central controlling authority for the ad

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