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she menstruated only twice in June and October the latter
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The Hospital Sunday Fund amounted on Thursday to upwards
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workwould receive just the same amount ef salary as the hard
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that Master received the Infinite Father who sent him. If
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death under chloroform narcosis which recently occurred at Uni
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the summer of. Mr. Crisp was a man of an active and
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of the direct mechanical powers to generate motion glue
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tical settlement affecting individual interests or the vital con
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failed to appreciate the wants and difficulties of the average
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which physicians are exposed. Clergymen are expected to
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But it is clearly necessary that such a system should be placed
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and brim. After the uterus had been rolled back into its
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Andrew Clark in the report which lies before me of his verj
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IS altogether an advising officer and that the responsibility for adopting or
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a discussion on the subject of the abuse of hospital charities to
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before the operation she could not walk half a mile. She is
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few months of his death. In spite of failing health he carried on
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down with a run from the top of the stack falling on his
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two microscopes and other instruments as prizes awarded after
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the poor has been entirely reduced to cinders and ashes by a
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ber. To these must be added Poor law intirraaries. with beds and
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The procedure adopted by the Board in respect of their sanitarvfunctions
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himself the author of a homicidal document which but for
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dorsal vertebra. He was immediately treated with piaster
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the patient during two or three weeks the enlargement always
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discovered leaning against table at R. C. She is dressed
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zealous manner in which as Secretary to the Collective Investiga
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vulvie was given. The labia minora especially undergo atrophy
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poration are tied. During the year considerable attention was
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A senior class open to all students is held for the preparation and
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medical superintendent has also been of service in sustaining and
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it. It is doubtful also whether on these irregular occasions
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luncheon by the chairman and directors of the company.
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collapse recovery from the attack absorption of theextravasated